Presentation of CRF's team

📢 Let's continue our presentation of the LIFE-VIABLE partners ✨
🔦 This month, we put the light on CRF, based in Italy

CRF is a research and innovation centre, part of Stellantis.
They will demonstrate the feasibility of the car components.
They developp a car part (the roof). With the LIFE-VIABLE solution, other parts can also be considered.

If you have any question or interest in automotive parts made of epoxy composite, feel free to contact us

Fifth meeting with all VIABLE partners

📢 As you can see, we recently met for our fifth consortium meeting!

It was also a great opportunity to visit Westlake Epoxy's facilities in Duisburg (Germany) where the epoxy resin will be made ⚗

Almost halfway through the LIFE-VIABLE project, we discussed the latest results and those to come.
We will share some of them with you in our next newsletter and other contents will follow, so be sure to stay connected with us!

Presentation of CIMV's team

🔦 This month, we put the light on CIMV, a french biorefinery.

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Presence at the CBE - JU Stakeholder Forum in Brussels

We were at the CBE - JU Stakeholder Forum in Brussels in December 2023.

That was a good opportunity to talk about the future of the European bio-based sector and especially about our LIFE VIABLE biobased epoxy resin solution.

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Presentation at the 10th Biorizon Conference

2 of our colleagues, Vanbroekhoven Karolien and Nicola Boyle, respectively from VITO and Westlake Epoxy were at the 10th Biorizon Conference in Rotterdam.
They presented our biobased epoxy resin made thanks to the LIFE VIABLE project.

Don't hesitate to contact them if you have any question.

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Presentation of VITO's team

Let's bring the light on VITO’s research group of Sustainable Polymers Technology (SPOT), who is leading the LIFE VIABLE project.

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