Valorization of lignin bIomass into competitive components grAdually replacing BPA in the formuLation of Epoxy resins


The overall objective of the LIFE VIABLE project is to reduce the environmental and health impacts of BPA by lowering its content in the formulation of epoxy resins by 20 to 50%.

To do so, project beneficiaries will pursue the following Specific Objectives (SO)

SO1: Demonstrate the technical, environmental, and socio-economic performances of a future viable alternative to BPA in epoxy resins for high performance applications

LIFE VIABLE will demonstrate the feasibility of integrating Glycidylated Lignin Oil (GLO) in epoxy based composite materials to manufacture 2 car components (one structural, one aesthetical). The final products will have technical characteristics similar to commercial materials (e.g. Tg≥100°C) and improved environmental and socio-economic impacts.

SO2: Reduce the residual emissions of BPA and workers exposure related to epoxy resins production by 20 to 50%

As a result of SO1, the residual emissions of BPA in industrial surroundings, i.e. surface water, soil and air, as well as workers exposure linked to the production of epoxy resins will be decreased by up to 50% in production facilities.

SO3: Adapt industrial processes of the whole value chain for the large-scale production of LIFE VIABLE composite material

As the environmental issue is tackled from the source (i.e. raw material), all steps of the value chain will be impacted. LIFE VIABLE will demonstrate adaptations of the current industrial processes so that results can be integrated into existing production chains. End-of-life will also be carefully studied.

SO4: Widely disseminate the project results towards end-users, policymakers, chemical and biomass industries

At least 4 sectors and some representatives of industries using epoxy resins will be reached, as well as policymakers, providing them with an example of future substitution to be fostered.

SO5: Prepare the market penetration and exploitation of the solution

LIFE VIABLE intends a quick commercialisation of its solution, supported by the participation of international companies such as SOLVAY and CRF. Market entry activities will be run during the project, as well as the anticipation of improvements to go further in the substitution of BPA by GLO. Replication to at least 2 other automotive components and transfer to 4 sectors will be studied.

Main results

To be announced