Valorizzazione della biomassa di lignina in componenti competitivi sostituendo gradualmente il BPA nella formulazione di resine epossidiche

Il bisfenolo A (BPA) è una sostanza chimica prodotta in grandi quantità ogni anno in tutto il mondo. È usato nella produzione di resine epossidiche e policarbonati. Tuttavia, la sua proprietà di interferenza endocrina e la sua composizione a base fossile sollevano preoccupazioni sul suo impatto ambientale e sulla tossicità per la salute, nonché sulla sua sostenibilità.

Il progetto VIABLE mira quindi a migliorare la sostenibilità e l'impatto ambientale della produzione di resina epossidica riducendo il contenuto di BPA nelle formulazioni di resina epossidica del 20-50%.

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First live meeting with all VIABLE partners

After a few months working together on the VIABLE project, we finally got together for our first face-to-face meeting at VITO. We were able to discuss the first milestones and future plans.

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First teasing of the LIFE VIABLE project

📢 Last week, we were in Germany at the Renewable materials conference 2022 and the LIFE-VIABLE project has been teased 😉 Special thanks to the speaker Jaime Gracia Vitoria from VITO!

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Vito, partner of Viable Project

VITO (BE) - Flemish Institute for Technological Research, a leading EU research and technology organisation  will coordinate the project. Through their pilot plant, VITO will ensure the depolymerisation of lignin, the fractionation and the supply of biobased alternatives for BPA to Solvay.


Apesa, partner of Viable Project

APESA (FR) - a technological centre specialised in environmental assessment - will be in charge of monitoring the different impacts of the project.


CIMV, partner of Viable Project

CIMV (FR)  - a SME with more than 20 years of experience in lignin valorisation - will provide its expertise in lignin reactivity and will produce organosolv lignin.


HP Composites, partner of Viable Project

HP composites (IT)-  a manufacturer of composites components for several markets - will integrate the new epoxy resins in composites for both aesthetic and structural car parts. Their role in the project will range from design to final homologation of the car components


Polymeris, partner of Viable Project

Dissemination and valorization of the results will be performed by Polymeris (FR), a cluster with a large EU network in the field of polymers and composites for various industrial sectors.


Solvay, partner of Viable Project

SOLVAY (UK) - a global manufacturer of materials and chemicals is a key producer of epoxy resins in Europe - will produce in operational environment the lignin-based epoxy resins.


Stellantis, partner of Viable Project

CRF (IT) - a research and innovation centre of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles - will demonstrate the feasibility of these car components